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  • Cleanroom Wall Penetration Seals

  • Clean Room Floor Penetration Seals

  • Cleanroom Multipanel Feedthroughs

  • Cleanroom Furniture & Accessories

  • Cleanroom Clothing & Accessories

  • Cleaning Products & Consumables

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  • bio-cleanseal® WS Cleanroom Wall Penetration

    Smooth stainless steel sealing element with an elastomeric mono-seal for the penetration of pipes between controlled environments. Various finishes and colors as well as ATEX compliant and high temperature versions.

  • bio-cleanseal® FS Cleanroom Floor Penetration

    Custom-made stainless steel sealing element with an elastomeric seal. Various designs and colors as well as ATEX compliant and high temperature versions.

  • bio-cleanseal® MPS Cleanroom Multipanel - Penetration

    Customized Multipanel Feedthroughs. Hygienically designed and manufactured for maximum tightness and cleanability.

  • bio-cleanseal® Cleanroom Furniture & Accessories

    Whatever your requirements, our team will specify and define a tailor-made range of high quality furniture & accessories. 

  • bio-cleanseal®  Cleanroom Clothing

    From head to toe, dressed according to their needs. As a partner we offer a comprehensive professional product range.

  • Cleaning Products & Consumables

    Our products ensure sustainable cleanliness in your production environment.

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We are an experienced, family-run company with headquarters in Kirchberg BE and numerous professionally experienced distribution partners worldwide. We are a leading company in the development and manufacture of sterile process components for demanding applications in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. In addition to the continuous development of our process components, we also design customer-specific devices, modules and components.










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