Welcome to liquitec

We are a young family-owned company with a wide range of expertise. We work in true partnership with our customers to plan and realize their installation and process design needs. We use our expert knowledge in the following liquitec core competences: Filtration Technology, Mixing Technology, Foam Separation, Fermentation Skids, Vessel Design, Colloid Mills, Engineering & Service.

At liquitec we believe that high standards and quality assurance are more than just words. We strive every day to better perfect our market leading products and to develop new and innovative features and products.

Why do we make striving for perfection a hallmark of our company? Because our focus is always on the end-user, our customers based around the world who trust our brand name and believe in our guarantee of product safety. We want everyone to know that when you purchase and install a liquitec product, you are getting a product of superior quality, that is built to last, and that meets the highest standards. Every day we work to fulfill this goal.

Our production facility and quality control programs are based on ISO 9001 and our products meet the most stringent international standards for cleanability and safety.

Our team of design engineers has a singular focus on creating designs that are not simply functional, but that are also intuitive and require a minimum amount of spare parts. We want our products to be easy to maintain so that when a product is installed in a plant and in production, it is reliable and any maintenance time will require only a bare minimum of down-time. This helps to guarantee a low Total Cost of Ownership for our customers.

Our expert knowledge guarantees your product safety and offers you maximum process security.

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